Review: Jon’s modified mk1 hop chamber

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Today I’ll be reviewing ( in English!) a custom part for kj mk1, made and kindly sent to me by Jon, another mk1 enthusiast from UK. I met Jon on the Airsoft Ruger MK1 MK2 Owners Group page on Facebook, which is also administrated by Jungle Jim.

Before we start, if you want more info about the MK1 and the mods I’ve already made to it, please have a look at all my other articles about this gun! CLICK HERE!

And have a look at those two article, « ultimate mk1/2 guides » that summarize everything I know about the mk1/mk2 platform:

KJ mk1/mk2, the ultimate upgrade guide! Part I: Internal mods (EN Version)

KJ mk1/mk2, the ultimate upgrade guide! Part II: External mods (EN Version)

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Visiblement on parle de mon mk1 quelque-part sur facebook!

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