KJ mk1/mk2, the ultimate upgrade guide! Part II: External mods (EN Version)

Time for the second part of my KJ mk1/ mk2 ultimate upgrade guide! This time, the external mods.

Over the time, I made several external modifications to my mk1: starting with an aluminium machined silencer adapter replacing the stock plastic outer barrel, to 3D printed ones, with or without rail for accessories, shortened or full length barrel

Let’ s regroup all these 3D printing .stl files in one place!

External mods

Note 1: All these files are free to download and you can share the links ( please give credit if you do so), but please don’ t re- host those files elsewhere! Thanks 😉

Note 2: As all 3D- printed parts, they may require some sanding/adjustments to fit your specific replica. This is normal operation.

MK1/ MK2 Short, un- railed silencer adapter:

adaptateur silencieux std1

Inspired by my first aluminium adapter, this one keeps the « old school vibe » of the mk1.

>>MK1 simple adapter

MK1/ MK2 short, railed silencer adapter:

adaptateur silencieux rail1

Based on the previous adapter, but with a more modern feeling with its rail for flash-light and/ or laser aiming device.

>>MK1 railed adapter

MK1/ MK2 complete threaded barrel with rail and flash-hider:

Canon complet 1

If used without silencer attached, both previous adapters would expose the inner barrel of the replica… but who would ever run the mk1 unsuppressed again? 😉 For those strange minded people, I designed this full length, railed, outer barrel with a stylized flash hider/ compensator.

>>MK1 full barrel and comp.

MK2 silencer adapter (prototype version)

adaptateur silencieux mk2

As it would be sad to replace the classy full metal & fluted outer barrel of the mk2 by a plastic one in order to add a silencer, I designed this specific thread adapter that fits right in the place of the stock barrel tip of the gun. I made 2 versions of this adapter: 14 CCW and 16 CW.

Note: I recommand to print these mk2 adapters in ABS or PETG, or any other harder material. PLA may be too weak for such small parts with mechanical constraints. However the material used for these adapters need to be somehow flexible to fit in… My first two prints in PLA and PETG broke after a few weeks of use. I’ll update these files if I succeed in designing improved versions, but even if they break it’s not a big deal as they require no modification to the gun to fit in and thus can be easily replaced!

>>MK2 m14ccw adapter

>>MK2 m16cw adapter



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