Replica Review: GBLS DAS GDR15

Je profite de mes vacances pour vous partager le superbe article qu’a rédigé ATRG à propos de la fameuse réplique sud coréenne « DAS » de GBLS qu’il a eu l’occasion d’essayer en avant premiere.


So, Every once in a while something very new and very different comes onto the airsoft scene… In the many years I’ve been interested in Airsoft I’ve seen many different innovations hit the market, Some last… Many don’t.

Around 2 years or so ago, A good friend of mine showed me some pre-production information of an innovative prototype system which looked as though it bridged the gap between AEG and GBBR. It’s most airsofters dream to have the realism of a fully functional GBBR replica but with the year round reliability of an AEG.

I’ve covered the relentless pursuit of realism that many of us strive for in previous posts, And I’m not the only one always looking for that next step up… Its a hot topic from the safe zone to the pub, We all want to push the limits of what our replicas are capable of to…

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